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Legal Disclaimer:

ihatelawschool.com takes pride in providing its members with quality outlines to help make law school a little bit easier.   That being said, we make no warranties as to the accuracy of the information contained in such outlines.  The membership fee you have paid to this site is for the privilege of accessing our Members Area and does not specifically represent the purchase of law school outlines.  Please use these materials at your own risk.  These outlines are all created by law students, and may have innacuracies and do not purport to contain legal advice.  Additionally, if your law school allows outlines to be taken into exams, they may have a policy against bringing in materials not created by yourself or your study partners.  If your school has such a policy, you may not represent any of the outlines contained on ihatelawschool.com as your work.  Furthermore, all outlines contained within this site have been submitted to us by our users or are the creation of the owners of the site.  If you feel that one of your outlines is being used on this site without your consent, please contact us and we will gladly remove it from the site.  No part of any of these outlines may be reproduced or redistributed in any form without the written permission of ihatelawschool.com or their authors.  Members who violate this rule will have their membership terminated without refund.  By continuing on this page, you consent to the terms and conditions decribed above.

If you have any problems accessing the outlines below, please send an email to members@ihatelawschool.com for assistance.

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